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Software Update: DisplayOS 4.0 coming this fall - Learn more.

One operating system for any display network

Enplug is cultivating a paradigm shift in the digital signage industry by building seamless digital user experience engineered for endless productivity. Engage viewers and communicate more effectively with Enplug. Simply connect one Enplug device to each HD display you plan on using, and configure content and settings using our web Dashboard.


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Equipped with a growing number of powerful apps, Enplug is your digital toolbox. Unlock real-time social media, blog feeds, local weather conditions, directories, and much more on any display. Enplug software also comes with automatic updates and security monitoring. It’s like turning your displays into a giant smartphone - but better.

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Customize your display on the cloud

Enplug gives you control over all your displays from any computer. Easily enable apps, craft themes, schedule graphics, and much more on Enplug's online web dashboard. Download the mobile control app for iOS or Android to monitor post activity on-the-go.

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