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Because engaging experiences leave lasting impressions

Michael Fitzsimmons

Brand Strategy Manager

"WeWork has 32 locations across different countries. We show live updates on our TV displays in every space to share all the exciting news from our community. We use Enplug's software to manage and tailor content for each location on the hundreds of displays we have."

- WeWork

Patricia Wayne

Director of Marketing

"At LA College of Music we use the Enplug graphics feature to highlight upcoming clinics, special events for students and important information like tuition and registration deadlines. It really helps everyone stay connected and gives me a way to post information rapidly on 2 screens in our 2 buildings where I know students will see it."

Andy Kline

Communications Manager

“We have loved having Enplug in our Alaskan Brewing's tasting room -- I think the Enplug display brings people closer to our business -- and lets them see the people behind the beer and the broad community of people who love our beer. It makes them feel more a part of the family, plus, it is just fun!”

Jonathan Schwartz

Digital Video Manager

"We needed a powerful, cost-effective way of showcasing social media on large projection screens during our commencement ceremony. The simple user interface and streaming media device combined with the ability to capture posts from all major social media platforms while still being able moderate them, made Enplug the obvious choice."

John Kiland

Managing Partner

"The integration of Social Media posts has allowed our installations to be current and create great interaction between mall marketing, tenants and customers. I have found the Enplug team to be extremely efficient and very innovative. I eagerly anticipate the next apps and features as they are introduced by Enplug."

Travis Bronson

Digital Media Manager

"Enplug is just as fun for our employees as it is for our customers! We love the new apps like Waitlist & Digital Signage. The service support is amazing and we’re happy to show off our Enplug screens to everyone who visits our dealership."

Dan Wells


“Our Enplug display is right in the middle of our reception area. It's fun and it's awesome because it encourages our members to share their successes in the gym with all of their friends. Before we know it their friends want to get in here to try it for themselves!”

Jonathan Gandolf

Head of Marketing

“We've had customers come in and compete to see who gets on the display quicker. It's turned into a game. We've also had several customers that go elsewhere in the city but still use our hashtag because they know it will be displayed in the taproom.”

Christopher Rising

President & COO

"We were looking for a digital directory board for our PacMutual property which houses a number of tech, retail, fashion and traditional businesses. After hearing about Enplug and their success in retail stores, we reached out to their team of highly creative professionals and engineers."

Because digital has never been so intuitive

Allison Citelli

Manager, Sales & Community Outreach

“Integrating Enplug into the Los Angeles Sports & Entertainment Commission’s annual Lakers All-Access event helped to increase guest engagement and brand recognition across multiple social networks. Their team is extremely knowledgeable, responsive and a great resource. We look forward to continuing to work together.”

Steve Goble

VP of Marketing Communications

"Enplug provides a valuable, interesting marketing media for our retail stores. Where window space is not available to display POP materials, Enplug’s integration with a big-screen TV allows us to ensure those materials appear in-store. Combined with the social feeds, we like the variety of content Enplug’s application provides."

Sean Frantz

Marketing Director

"There are so many pros to Enplug that we enjoy, especially compared to the many competitors I've sat down with this past year. The main one is our interaction on Instagram increasing with an average of about 200% at every location. That's one's obvious though. The real benefit is the simplicity of their system and how it displays compared to others."

Sabrina Kay


"Enplug is the best digital signage software we’ve experienced. The solution lets us use our existing TVs and maximize their value. Students love posting Tweets and Instagram photos onto the displays and seeing their classmates’ posts."

Bobbi Barbour

E-commerce & Marketing Manager

"Enplug has brought a whole new dimension to our gelato shop. Our customers seem to stay longer, talk louder and laugh harder while posting photo after photo, which in turn creates a "gravity" pulling more people into the store."

Brady M. Kazar

Director of Digital Marketing

“The first time I logged in to the Enplug system, it only took 10 minutes to fully populate all my content without any formalized training. The system is extremely easy and intuitive! It delivers a dynamic experience with a big impact. I will definitely be using Enplug for future events.”

Jay Huffschmidt

Director of Marketing

"Enplug is brilliant marketing. It pays for itself."

Jerry Torgerson

Executive Producer

"The screen was PERFECT. The technology was crazy cool and everyone was amazed."

Thomas Chan

Technology Team Lead/Solutions Architect

"Awesome product and service so far!"

Ray Dulay

Sales Manager

“We had a record breaking month in new & used car sales. Enplug not only helped our sales, but other dealerships even noticed all of our social media activity and see our store as a happy and cool place to be."

Colin Thomas

General Manager

"It’s better than any sales pitch we could come up with for Tussauds. The biggest value is that it gets in front of people before they even visit, giving them ideas and showing them what you can do inside."

John Sungkamee

Business Owner

"This is the first year we're really taking off. Lamar Odem was just in here, Aziz Ansari, it's packed. And we owe that to Enplug -- Enplug is the best thing that has ever happened to us."

Courtney Taira

Consumer Care Lead

“Enplug allows our consumers to directly engage with our brand because our fans are able to post photos on social media using #KingsHawaiian and instantly view their photos on our TV screens. It’s real-time and a brilliant way for us to amplify our reach by providing a platform for our consumers to talk about King’s Hawaiian while sharing it with all their friends.”

Austin Laroche

Chief Marketing Officer

“Enplug is a digital marketing agency's best friend. For our brick and mortar clients that are looking to connect their social media activity directly with their customers, Enplug becomes the solution that immediately delivers an engaging social media flow between business and consumer.”

Justin Leoff

Company President

"Since we have joined the Enplug team our business has benefitted tremendously. Enplug is the perfect program for our company and if I’ve had any minor questions, their support team is right there to help, whether though an email or in person. We look forward to more opportunities for our business through Enplug! Thank you!"

Nick Morf

Business Owner

"With Enplug, we’re providing customers with a technologically savvy experience on social, which has increased customer referrals through word-of-mouth and driven more business through the door. "

Brian Hutchins

Head of Product

"Working with Enplug to develop and integrate Waitlist Me into its platform has been simple and intuitive. We're excited to offer this innovative technology to our current customers."

Katlyn Rader

Chief Operating Officer

"A girl from the show Dance Moms literally snapped a pic of our TV with her post on Enplug, posted that on Instagram, and captioned the photo 'I'm famous'. Pretty amazing!"

Calvin Macnguyen


"Enplug has been a great partner to work with. Their systems are easy to use and their customer support on the rare occasion we can’t figure out how to use a feature is spot on. Their systems has made it easier to communicate our messages to our guests!"

Andrew Le

Strategy Director

“Partnering with Enplug allowed us to bring the digital world to our customers in a more tangible and engaging way. We integrated the platform as a key component in our client offering and developed exciting strategies to utilize it as a fully integrated marketing tool.”

Rene Vargas

Business Owner

"Enplug has really stirred up the interaction with our customers and our social media. Our customers get to post their experience at our restaurant and in return their followers learn more about our restaurant. Enplug has worked for us in many ways."

Shane Lattie

Digital Marketing Specialist

“You guys are impressive. I love the 'Under-promise and Over-deliver' way of getting things done!”

Yong Kim

Business Owner

"If you don't have Enplug, might be a little too late to the party."

Darren Misaresh

Business Owner

“I see your displays everywhere haha! I love that! You guys really made an amazing product.”

Carlos Muela


"Enplug has been a fun and effective way for our customers to interact and engage with our business. It has been especially useful for our special events, and people love seeing their posts pop-up on the screen. We think it has definitely played a role in boosting our social media following and customer engagement."

Anthony Thomas

Chief Operating Officer

“Enplug has been a saving grace for keeping our guests informed, entertained, and involved in what we do every day. From social media posts, and marketing & advertising for our events and from our sponsors, Enplug has enabled us to reach out to our guests personally and highlight what we can offer when we want to offer it."”

Bethany Brashears

Digital Recruitment Specialist

"Enplug is not only an innovative product idea that has increased relevant visitors to our social media sites, but it has an excellent support staff that have been helpful and quick to respond to the rare problems with Eastern Kentucky University’s account. I would recommend it to anyone."

Nick Nitz

"Assistant General Manager & Resident Beer Geek"

"Engaging, interactive and fun for my staff and guests alike! Enplug has really stepped up The Handlebar's social media presence! #handlebaraz”

Becky Yoshitani


“Enplug has been a fantastic addition to our social media outreach - it effectively engages customers to use their social media channels to post about Hurry Curry of Tokyo in a meaningful way.”

Abbott Lawrence

Business Owner

"So far our experience with Enplug at Panchos has been great! People really enjoy seeing their NAME pop up and it definitely doesn't hurt our business that's for sure!"

Because displays can actually be fun
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