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Enplug’s DisplayOS software turns any digital display into a tool you can use to turn your customers into a community. Simply connect our small device to your HD screens and manage your applications and content from one intuitive web dashboard.

Spread your message.

Upload and manage graphics and videos to one or many Enplug displays to showcase your account types and card options, promote new features, and share marketing materials.

Try this: Schedule specific graphics to play on certain days during specific hours on Enplug's online Dashboard.

Boost your social media transactions.

Encourage your customers to share their stories on social media by featuring live, filtered posts to your Twitter and Instagram hashtags on screens in your location. Use our social media apps to promote your social marketing campaigns, share your company’s feeds, and more!

Protip: Turn on manual post filtering to have full control over the content that appears on your screens!

Transfer some knowledge for your guests.

The modern equivalent of the thermometer and clock outside the bank, Enplug’s News App can keep your visitors informed with news from the Wall Street Journal, ESPN, or even your company blog.

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See the sunny side.

Help your visitors prepare for rain or shine by showing a beautiful forecast of the week's weather. Enable Enplug's weather app and choose your city, and watch the color change to reflect the weather.

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Increase ROI with the App Market for displays.

Want to make your displays truly unique? Use our growing App Market to add Google Trends, live dashboards, waitlists, show any webpage, and much more. You can even build your own App for Enplug to meet your customer engagement goals using our Open SDK.

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Manage one screen - or a network

Enplug’s features automatically scale up with you. Our features make it simple to manage screens in hundreds of locations with advanced device monitoring and network content management.

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Our pricing packages accommodate all business sizes and won't break the bank. Our package-based model is unique in the industry and gives you flexibility with your digital displays.

Easily add or remove displays as you need up to the maximum amount in your package. When you're ready, upgrade for more displays and advanced functionality.

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  • Promote new features
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  • Celebrate customers
  • Reinforce brand standards
  • Showcase industry news
  • Build a sense of community
  • Boost social media
  • Schedule graphics and videos
  • Share marketing materials
  • Build your own app
  • Showcase blog posts
  • Communicate product updates

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