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Enplug is that little something extra that makes an experience memorable for your patrons. Easily connect an Enplug device, preloaded with DisplayOS software, to your digitial displays to communicate drink specials, display news feeds, and interact with customers like never before.

Social media straight up.

Encourage customers to share Instagram and Twitter posts to interact with each other and your brand. Posts including your designated hashtag or handle show up instantly on your Enplug display. Using your display dashboard, you can enable Smart Filtering or manually approve each post that appears on your screens.

Manage on-the-go
You don't need to be on your computer all day to watch your activity. Download our mobile app to favorite, approve, and delete posts from your phone.

Mix in a happy hour special.

It's Wine Wednesday, and your place is the spot to be. Enable our graphics app to show which wines are available or food special prices, and schedule those graphics to only show at appropriate times. You can also upload videos, share fun photos, display menus, and just about anything else your heart desires.

  • Run graphics in a specific order
  • Schedule a specific play time
  • Show on one or many displays
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A shot of sports.

Showcase what's going on in the world of sports without all of the background noise. Enplug's RSS feed app allows your to connect to popular news outlets, like ESPN, and display their featured stories.

Learn more about Enplug's RSS app >

Check for dark and stormy.

The weather can change rapidly and unexpectedly after the sun sets. Show customers current conditions, so they'll know whether or not to put on a coat before calling it a night. The Enplug weather app also depicts the forecast for the next few days.

It's easy: simply choose your city!

A garnish for your events.

Set up an Enplug display in your performance or special event space, and you'll have a tool handy for taking any music show, guest appearance, or birthday celebration to the next level. From displaying social media walls to showcasing relevant industry news to directing seating arrangements, Enplug software makes it a snap to show on your digital displays.

Use a live social media wall for events >

Make it a double.

Have a large network of displays to manage? Enplug let's you easily select apps and upload content, monitor network health, and enable multiple levels of user access. Enjoy unlimited users and cloud storage, automatic software updates, and much more.

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Our pricing packages accommodate all business sizes and needs. Our package-based model is unique in the industry and gives you flexibility with your digital displays.

Easily add or remove displays as you need up to the maximum amount in your package. When you're ready, upgrade for more displays and advanced functionality.

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"With Enplug, we’re providing customers with a technologically savvy experience on social, which has increased customer referrals through word-of-mouth and driven more business through the door."

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  • Showcase drink specials
  • Celebrate birthdays
  • Show sports headlines
  • Share happy hour details
  • Display food menus
  • Celebrate guest appearances
  • Showcase social media buzz
  • Display performace schedules
  • Share local events
  • Keep an eye on the weather
  • Reinforce brand standards

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