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Take a seat at the Enplug table and enjoy our best bottle of digital display software, DisplayOS, because we went all out. Easily connect an Enplug device to your displays to share social media buzz, showcase upcoming performers, and engage guests like never before.

Hype up social media buzz.

Utilize Enplug's live social walls to promote customer engagement. Encourage club-goers to post about their awesome night out on social for all of their friends to see. Patrons can share their experience on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Yelp and Swarm. Set up social handles and hashtags, manage users, and approve posts all on your online dashboard.

Manage on-the-go
You don't need to be on your computer all day to watch your activity. Download our mobile app to approve and delete posts from your phone.

But first, let me take a selfie.

Enplug's Instagram wall is our most popular social feed app. Connect your venue's account to showcase your posts and allow guests to share their own with your chosen hastag. Instagram posts appear instantly, but you can also choose to manually approve all posts.

Keep an eye on your social media interactions on the Enplug dashboard. Measure post frequency, view recurring users, and more.

Keep your guests informed.

It's happy hour at the swim up bar, and no one wants to miss out on the fun. Schedule a graphic advertising the event to show on your Enplug display during those hours. You can also upload videos, share fun photos, display drink menus, and anything else that help build the perfect experience.

  • Run graphics in a specific order
  • Schedule a specific play time
  • Show on one or many displays
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Share content from the web.

Connect your Enplug display to your own website or any other public site that you fancy. Showcase inspiring landing pages, hosted PDF files, infographics, and more!

  • Enter any website’s URL.
  • Input your own custom HTML.
  • Adjust your refresh rate.

Amplify your event experience.

Set up an Enplug display in your special event room, and you'll have a tool handy for taking any birthday, bachelorette party, or girl's night out to the next level. From displaying social media walls to showcasing relevant industry news to directing seating arrangements, Enplug software makes it a snap to show on your digital displays.

Use a live social media wall for events >


Our pricing packages accommodate all nightlife venue sizes and needs. Our unique package-based model is gives you flexibility with your digital displays.

Easily add or remove displays as you need up to the maximum amount in your package. When you're ready, upgrade for more displays and advanced functionality.

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“With Enplug, we’re providing customers with a technologically savvy experience on social, which has increased customer referrals through word-of-mouth and driven more business through the door.”

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  • Feature social media buzz
  • Showcase new amenities
  • Share upcoming events
  • Celebrate guest arrivals
  • Show bottle service details
  • Play entertaining videos
  • Display drink menus
  • Celebrate birthdays
  • Communicate performance times
  • Reinforce brand standards

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