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The avocado on your sandwich

Enplug is that little something extra that makes an experience memorable. Our DisplayOS software takes the cake when it comes to ease of use, functionality, and flexibility. Connect our device to your digital displays to display menus, share social media buzz, and engage patrons like never before.

Social media secret sauce.

Create a social hub in your venue by connecting guests via social media. It's as easy as setting up a hashtag on your Enplug dashboard that guests can include in their posts. Connect your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Yelp accounts. Use our Smart Filtering or manually approve each post that appears on your screens.

Manage on-the-go
You can manage social feed activity from your web dashboard on any computer. Our mobile app allows you and your team to approve or reject posts from any smartphone

Paint it red.

Or black, or any color you'd like really, because Enplug is your canvas. Showcase anything you'd like on your digital displays, from lunch menus to fun facts to nutrition facts. You can also upload promotional videos, featured dishes, and much more.

  • Run graphics in a specific order
  • Schedule a specific play time
  • Show on one or many displays
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Ameliorate the wait.

Your customers won't need to keep guessing how long their food will take. Display customers' estimated wait times and text them when everything is ready with Enplug's Waitlist MeĀ® app. Even manage guests and pre-orders using any mobile device.

Check out the developer, Waitlist Me >

What's on the menu for tonight?

Enplug and DS Menu have partered up to bring you menu graphic design software and display management. Upload your own menu or craft a new one. Easily update prices, specials, and seasonal menu items.

Learn more about the DS Menu app >

A side of recent reviews.

Provide a helping of all the awesome feedback from your customers. Highlight Trip Advisor reviews with the Trip Advisor app, or even connect your Yelp account to the social walls app to showcase five star yelp reviews!


Our pricing packages accommodate all fast casual dining sizes and needs. Our unique package-based model gives you flexibility with your digital displays.

Easily add or remove displays as you need up to the maximum amount in your package. When you're ready, upgrade for more displays and advanced functionality.

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Brands who love Enplug

"Enplug has brought a whole new dimension to our gelato shop. Our customers seem to stay longer, talk louder and laugh harder while posting photo after photo, which in turn creates a "gravity" pulling more people into the store."

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You'll love Enplug

  • Showcase new dishes
  • Build social media buzz
  • Share local news
  • Celebrate holiday specials
  • Show a wait list
  • Keep an eye on the weather
  • Share available side options
  • Display food and drink menus
  • Celebrate outstanding staff
  • Communicate business hours
  • Reinforce brand standards

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