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A tool for innovation

Leave traditional signage, digital or printed, behind. Enplug DisplayOS software offers an engaging platform to keep your team up-to-date and entertained. Easily connect an Enplug device to your digital displays to share photos from team events, showcase company metrics, display a directory, and much more.

Showcase your company growth.

Whatever your team goals, you can use Enplug to keep your employees motivated and up-to-date by displaying a live dashboard of your analytics. Track, visualize, and gamify your sales quotas, engineering performance, and other relevant KPIs. Pull data from popular platforms like Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Google Spreadsheets.

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Increase collective awareness.

Your company is up to great things. Use Enplug to inform your teammates about the lastest updates, industry insights, and company news by connecting your blog feed.

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Sync up on social media.

Keep your team in the loop with specific hashtags for your company. Encourage employees to share when they completed a tough project, or have executives post tweets while traveling for meetings. Use our Smart Filtering or manually approve each post that appears on your screens.

Also consider: showcase what the rest of the world is saying about your company by adding your most popular hashtag!

Spread the word, effectively.

Upload and schedule HD images and videos for the whole team to see. From event announcements to victories to fun videos, all of your visual communication is in one place.

Try this: Build your own custom team event announcement poster.

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Motivate your team.

Drive success within your team by keeping morale and energy amped up. We teamed up with StartUp Vitamins to bring words of wisdom from great minds like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs. Each poster is uniquely designed to inspire teams big and small.

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Get going in the right direction.

Does your team reside in a muli-level building that's unintuitive to navigate? Use our digital directory app to inform visitors where to go. Easily update office occupant names and suite numbers in our web application.

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Our pricing packages accommodate all business sizes and won't break the bank. Our package-based model is unique in the industry and gives you flexibility with your digital displays.

Easily add or remove displays as you need up to the maximum amount in your package. When you're ready, upgrade for more displays and advanced functionality.

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"WeWork has 32 locations across different countries. We show live updates on our TV displays in every space to share all the exciting news from our community. We use Enplug's software to manage and tailor content for each location on the hundreds of displays we have."

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  • Publish dashboards & metrics
  • Share company goals
  • Celebrate team wins
  • Reinforce brand standards
  • Showcase industry news
  • Internal hashtags
  • Boost morale
  • Keep an eye on social media
  • Digital directories
  • Share new marketing materials
  • Celebrate birthdays
  • Showcase blog posts
  • Communicate product updates

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